Our Story

SWISH Developments

“The best design projects are ones where people broke the rules.”

-Nate Berkus


1. One-on-One Experience

Work closely with one of our owners and in-house interior designer, Christine Park, for a personalized one-on-one experience. Whether you’re interested in customizing finishes in one of our upcoming projects or building custom with us, SWISH clientele are guided through the possibilities and process of materials selections.

2. Quality

We’re working towards curating a brand that’s celebrated for bringing worthy design concepts to life within the world of spec and custom homes. To give each home its own "soul" — never repeated — and welcoming the challenge of incorporating quality and upscale materials, is fundamental to our movement. Instead of limiting the use of high-end product, we're constantly sourcing the latest and greatest, and finding ways to apply them generously to both our exteriors and interiors.

3. Our Promise

Rest easy knowing our homes are confidently covered by a warranty program carried out in-house via our full-time SWISH service department, and in partnership with Travelers New Home Warranty. As a Travelers Canada approved builder, you can trust we take pride in responsibly constructing our homes while maintaining our status as a trailblazer in Edmonton’s design scene.


Responsible, Creative, and Exceptional Design.